Upcoming Fiction Projects

Here’s a list of fiction projects I am planning to write, more or less in the order I will work on them. Some of these stories, for example “No Such Thing as Vampires,” have been in my head for many years.

After the After of Now (Three Post-Post-Modern Pieces)

“Mind the Gap” (Mad Lit)
“Freedom of Choice” (Choose Your Own Literature)
“The Art Committee” (A Wiki Story written by me and you!)

Cataracts (Ghastly Tales)

“No Such Thing as Vampires”
“The Furies”
“The Incubus”
“The Sutro Bath Ruins”
“Under the Bridge: Billy Goat and the Troll”
“Every School is Haunted”
“Ghosts of the Living”

“The Corporation”

Broken Sequins (A tranny mystery set in San Francisco in the 90s, featuring Suzie Blackout)

The Third World (A science fiction novel about a conquered earth.)

The Captain Cook Syndrome (A science fiction novel about human colonization of another planet with intelligent life.)

A Distant Voice (A science fiction  novel of first contact, but only via one-way radio signals.)

Joie de Vivre (An oppressed species on a nightmare planet discovers somehow the joy of living.)

The Story of Stories

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