Other Metablogs

Just a few other metablogs that look interesting:

Dr. Metablog: Dr. Metablog is the nom de blague of Vivian de St. Vrain, the pen name of a resident of the mountain west who writes about language, books, politics, or whatever else comes to mind.

Dan’s Metablog: Writing about blogging, identity, and narrative.
Remarkablogger: Boost your bottom line with a blog.
RFC: MetaWeblog API: The MetaWeblog API (MWA) is a programming interface that allows external programs to get and set the text and attributes of weblog posts. It builds on the popular XML-RPC communication protocol, with implementations available in many popular programming environments.

But the best metablog, in my opinion, is ronosaurusrex.com. (Now how’s that for metablog!)

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