#abstract: A Book of Ronosaurus Rex’s Abstract Photographs

Photography freed the painter from the need to represent the world realistically, so images melted off the campus as modern art developed. These days most painters have returned to more naturalistic painting. Ironically, some photographers, myself included, have turned the lens to abstract subjects. Omar Rodriguez-Rodriguez put together a book of some of my abstract photographs, called #abstract. Now you can get your own copy at Blurb!
11553831416_28d3931b46_zabstract back

Here is the description: #abstract is a colorful compilation of urban details too small, too quiet, too understated to be noticed by most people. Miniature urban gardens, spray painted letters, colorful leaves, spilled paint, reflections, gravel, grass, metal and rock, an abstract rendition of the invisible to render it visible. These photos are the nooks and crannies of our civilization, where natural meets artificial, where plants grow in human-made environments, where life interacts with the lifeless. Ronald B. Richardson, aka Ronosaurus Rex, travels the cities of the world, compiling for us undiscovered sights in a whimsical safari.

(See and read more about my photos in my posts Photo versus Metaphoto: Ronosaurus and Omarrr on Instagram and Reading the City as Text: San Francisco’s Urban Landscape. Read more about abstraction in Abstract Paintings are Meta-Paintings.)

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