Anything Goes, Everything Goes

anything anything anything
anything I want to want to want to
spill, spurt, spit, flirt, flash, fawn or fall upon

Gravity, that old drag, is pulling me down
down to my bed and its little deaths
down through the floor to the big sleep,
so I’ll prance about while I can,
jump, sing, fart, and fornicate.

But don’t remember to forget,
let the golden moments slide
and evaporate into memory
then decay with your brain,
until nothing remains, not even a tittle.
If every bird song were remembered,
there’d be no room for new song.
Forget and forgive the darkness;
it is as greedy as the light.

Once more away! The race is on,
so stop running. Tarry, if you will,
but do it quickly. Time’s wingèd chariot
fast approaches to carry you

into another day.

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