No Such Things as Vampires, Part 1: The Dirty Pot

“For there is no truth in their mouth; their heart is destruction, their throat is an open sepulcher.” –Psalms 5:9.

Humming snatches of old songs to keep her spirits up, Nada was furiously scrubbing a kettle in a basin of cold water. She hefted the pot into the light from the small window. The same. She didn’t know why she bothered. No matter how much she scoured the old bronzin, it never came clean. She set it on the floor and glared at it.


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Why was she the only one working? Why didn’t her father and sister do their share, especially on this day, Clean Monday, the beginning of Great Lent? It was time to cleanse the cottage, to purify their home.

It is also necessary to clear the conscience, she reminded herself, bowing her head. A time of forgiveness. I will forgive them.

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