Parallelism Matching Exercise

Purpose: To introduce the concept of parallelism.

Preparation: Print out two sets of the sentences below, cutting one up and leaving the other whole as a guide to the sets of sentences.

Activity: Introduce the concept of parallelism by writing on the board: “I like karate, to play tennis, going skiing.” Ask students to discuss what is wrong with the sentence and to find three ways to fix it. (I like karate, tennis, and skiing. / I like to do karate, play tennis, and go skiing. / I like doing karate, playing tennis, and going skiing.) Elicit the concept of parallelism.

Explain that you have sentences that you have cut into two parts. Students will need to walk around the room and find sentences that match. Show a pair that do not match, then one that you have chosen in advance that does match. If students find a match, one student takes the pair.

Then, the teacher has students go around the room, reading the sentences, and discussing whether they are parallel or not. If they are a match, the teacher should place them on the chart below to ensure that all cards are correctly matched. If not a match, ask around if anyone has a better match. If a better match isn’t found, set the cards aside until its correct match is found. After all pairs have been read, have students read out the orphan halves and look for the matches.

Mary likes skiing, badminton . . . . . . and aerobics.
Mary likes going skiing, playing badminton . . . . . . and doing aerobics.
Mary likes to go skiing, play badminton . . . . . . and do aerobics.
The coach told the players that they should get a lot of sleep, that they should not eat too much . . . . . . and that they should do some warm-up exercises before the game.
The coach told the players that they should get a lot of sleep, not eat too much . . . . . . and do some warm-up exercises before the game.
My dog not only enjoys playing fetch . . . . . . but also likes chasing cars.
My dog likes not only to play fetch . . . . . . but also to chase cars.
Not only does my dog like to play fetch . . .

It is easier to tell the truth . . .

. . . but he also likes to chase cars.

than to lie to the people you love.

Telling the truth is easier . . . than lying to the people you love.
The witness described the suspect as blue-eyed, light-skinned, . . . . . . and bearded.
The witness described the suspect as having blue eyes, light skin . . . . . . and a blond beard.
Spending the day with you is better than . . . . . . being apart.
It is better to spend the day with you than . . . . . . to spend it apart.

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