Abstract Art Reinterpreted in Photography

(The second of a two part series examining the influence of modern art on photography, following the post The Influence of Modern, Figurative Art on Ronosaurus Rex’s Photos.)

11553831416_28d3931b46_zAbstract painters have helped me to see the colors, textures and shapes around me, a way of seeing I have tried to capture in my photos. The impetus to represent the world abstractly stems from a high school trip to the Utah Museum of Fine Arts. My classmates, I noticed, were attentive in the museum, but once they stepped outside, they stopped looking. “Art is only worthwhile,” I commented to a classmate, “if it teaches us to see the world more richly.”

Instagram gave me a handy tool to translate this abstract vision into photography. Often I tag my pictures with #abstract and nothing else, and #abstract is the name of a book of my photographs compiled by Omar Rodriguez-Rodriguez. In this post, I hope to give credit to some of the abstract artists who have influenced my photographs, either directly or indirectly.

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