Welcome to Eatster! (A Meta-Holiday, Proposed by Chika Michelle Okafo)

Let’s eat! And let us celebrate that! No birth, no death, no battles fought or wars won–I propose a new holiday!  One for which no one had to suffer or struggle or push another human being out of their body and then get no credit for doing so, one we’ve all earned just by virtue of being alive and managing to get out of bed most mornings (go you!).

Eatster!: a celebration of celebration, a holiday just for the hell of it, there when you need it–a reason to party when you have no reason to party.  The only rule is you make up the rules!  My first rule of Eatster!: EVERYONE TALKS ABOUT EATSTER! My second rule: hotpants appreciated.

(Eatster! A Meta-Holiday.)

Once a year, six times a year, whenever the mood strikes, gather the people you love, stuff your face, maybe dance a little, cut loose.  No pressure, no seasonal sweatshirts and no dry-ass turkey–unless, of course, you love yourself some seasonal sweatshirts and dry-ass turkey!

Pick a day, any day. Whenever you need it, Eatster! is there for you.  Because you’re here, making it through the day to day, and for that reason alone you deserve it. A celebration for the sake of it almost sounds un-American, but I promise you, it’s exactly what we need.  I’ll be celebrating my first Eatster! soon; the whole world is invited and there just even might be some dry-ass turkey.

If you want, you can invite me to yours; I would love nothing more than to spend my days watching the world celebrate.


Chika Michelle

(Read a metapoem Michelle wrote as a kid: The Wacky Poem Writer.)

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